What is EBI?

European Buyers Initiative – EBI is a fresh HTI approach to the hosted buyer programme with the aim to gather top health tourism industry buyers providing them with perfect surroundings to do business, open more selling channels and address issues that industry buyers face nowadays.

Who is eligible?

Buyer of services in health (medical, spa and wellness) tourism industry such as:
  • Tour-Operator
  • Travel Agent
  • Medical Facilitator
  • Referring Medical Doctor
  • Insurance Company
  • Employer Healthcare Benefits Provider
  • Other buyers

Why become EBI Member?

The EBI Membership provides an opportunity for health tourism industry buyers to join the HTI hosted buyer programme several times per year, at different destinations both in Europe and worldwide. EBI Members thus become ‘first choice buyers’ who are invited to HTI events such as HTI Conferences, B2B meetings, workshops, study/fam trips and many other HTI partners’ events.

EBI Membership is free of charge and valid for two years. The HTI Committee will decide on each application separately and consequently approve EBI Membership according to your company size and records.

What does EBI membership include?

The EBI Membership provides full coverage of Conference Passes for HTI conferences for the next two years, and many other appealing benefits as well.

Apply for EBI Membership

For more information on EBI Membership, please contact us via ebi@hticonference.com