M+ Agency is a full-service marketing agency with strong emphasis on digital marketing. They are currently serving approx. 50 clients, majority of them coming from retail, fashion, real estate and increasingly more from health industry.

Experts in health tourism from the M+Agency will give you insights on your status online and show the best ways you can modify your strategy to fit your needs.

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WellHotel® Certification Starting in Europe

WellHotel® Certification elevates a hotel, resort, or spas overall handling of their everyday services and offers tools that will help the resort standout when compared to others that offer wellness services.

Medical Tourism Association in cooperation with the HTI Conference provides the WellHotel® Certification in Europe

The certificate holders are numerous hotels and resorts that operate within the world’s leading hotel groups and brands (Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott), but also individually.

As a confirmation of the excellence of content and wellness processes, the certification enables further promotion through digital channels such as MTA, ILHA, CHWA, Travel Go and HTI.

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