Preliminary Programme HTI Conference Zagreb 2018

HTI Country Partner

  • European leading health tourism influencer
  • Health tourism mega event and country co-branding programme
  • Health tourism in EU: a general investigation study

Prenatal and Postnatal Medical Tourism Opportunities

  • IVF vs. surrogacy: Legal status and market shares
  • Proton bean influencing radiology market shares
  • European paediatric centres of excellence
  • Who are the big buyers?

Automatization and Robotics

  • Applications, applications, and applications
  • New technology leaders
  • Robotic surgery, a travel for health trigger

Thermal Spa Market

  • Are European Thermal Spas Ready for Chinese Market?
  • Budapest, a unique thermal city
  • Sustainable balneology
  • EHTTA European Historic Thermal Towns Association network

Workforce Wellness: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • New trends: Isolation in Medical Wellness
  • How a luxury hotel can profit?
  • Biophilic design revolution
  • Workforce shortage: Is wellness a solution?

Global Influencers: European Hospital Groups

  • Liaisons with global insurers
  • Targeting the continent of Africa

Dental Health Tourism

  • Croatia’s great expectations
  • East European competition
  • Medical Spa services entering dental clinics

Sport Medicine: Considering Clustering?

  • Sport star as a brand ambassador
  • Orthopaedics: A real profit booster