• The Kusnacht Practice was founded in 2007 by the Canadian addiction counsellor Lowell Monkhouse, who continues to be its Chairman. The treatment centre’s first offices were located a short distance from the C. G. Jung Institute where Dr. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist known as the founder of analytical psychology, lived and worked until his death in 1961.

      The reason behind the initial creation of The Kusnacht Practice was very personal – Lowell had a friend who was dying from alcoholism and who was unable to get the help he needed in Switzerland.

      These personal foundations of The Kusnacht Practice continue to remain at the heart of their approach to client treatment. They recognise that each client is absolutely unique and that successfully treating the root causes of their disorder(s) requires a unique approach that offers the most effective treatment for that particular client. For this reason, they treat one client at a time and their tailor-made treatment programs are designed specifically for that client.