Advertise in the first B2B European health tourism glossy magazine and let your brand be visible at top international health tourism events!

HTI News is designed in the form of lifestyle glossy magazine in order to facilitate the contact between like-minded people.


HTI News magazine covers the topics in:
  • health tourism – medical, spa and wellness
  • investment opportunities
  • marketing & branding
  • luxury travel
  • gastronomy


Leading experts and professionals in the health tourism industry are featured in HTI News magazine, writing and discussing about latest trends, issues and opportunities in the industry:
  • Renee-Marie Stephano, Medical Tourism Association
  • Sharon Hirschowitz, International Luxury Hotel Association
  • Paolo Moreira, International Journal of Healthcare Management
  • Rania Kimrakji, Royalty Consultants
  • Zdeslav Radovcic, HTI Founder and CEO


HTI News magazine is the best possible publication to promote health tourism destinations, with highly qualified and expert medical staff, excellent service but affordable prices. It reaches key buyers at the top international health tourism industry events, including the HTI Conference itself:
1Thermalis – Expo, Conference, B2B, B2CParis, France1-4 February 2018
2Arab Health – Expo, Conference, B2B, B2GDubai, UAE29 January – 1 February 2018
3HTI - Conference, Expo, B2B, B2GZagreb, Croatia1-3 March 2018
4ITB & HTI Medical Tourism Pavilion - Conference, Expo, B2BBerlin, Germany7-11 March 2018
5Moscow MEDSHOW - Expo, B2B, B2CMoscow, Russia16-17 March 2018
6BIT (Intercare) - Expo, Conference, B2BMilan, Italy10-11 May 2018
7China International Medical Tourism Fair - Expo, Conference, B2BShanghai, China13-15 May 2018
8Global Exhibition on Services - Conference, Expo, B2B, B2C, B2GMumbai, India15-18 May 2018
9Africa Health – Expo, Conference, B2BJohannesburg, South Africa29–31 May 2018
10Termatalia - Expo, Conference, B2B, B2CFoz de Iguaçu, Brazil19-21 September 2018
11MTEC - Expo, Conference, B2BKiev, Ukraine 3-5 October 2018
12WMTC - Conference, Expo, B2B, B2GOrlando, USA28-30 October 2018
13WTM - Expo, Conference, B2B, B2CLondon, UK5-7 November 2018
14HTI - Conference, B2B, B2GBrussels, Belgium26-27 November 2018
15Russian Health Care Week - Expo, Conference, B2BMoscow, Russia3-7 December 2018
16Advantage Health Care - Expo, Conference, B2B, B2GNew Delhi, India4-6 December 2018
17ILHA Inspire Summit - Conference, B2BLas Vegas, USA13-14 December 2018


1HTI Conference at IMTM International Tourism Fair - Conference, Expo, B2B, B2GTel Aviv, Israel12-13 February 2019
2ITB Medical Tourism Pavilion - Conference, Expo, B2BBerlin, Germany6-10 March 2019
3Moscow MEDSHOW - Expo, B2B, B2CMoscow, Russia15-16 March 2019
4WMTC - Conference, Expo, B2B, B2GHainan, ChinaSpring 2019
5China International Medical Tourism Fair - Expo, Conference, B2BShanghai, China18-20 April 2019
6Africa Health – Expo, Conference, B2BJohannesburg, South Africa28-30 May 2019
7Termatalia - Expo, Conference, B2B, B2COurense, Spain19-20 September 2019
8WMTC - Conference, Expo, B2B, B2GTBAOctober 2019
9MTEC - Expo, Conference, B2BKiev, Ukraine 1-3 October 2019
10Advantage Health Care - Expo, Conference, B2B, B2GNew Delhi, India11-13 October 2019
11WTM - Expo, Conference, B2B, B2CLondon, UK4-6 November 2019
12HTI - Conference, B2B, B2GBrussels, Belgium25-26 November 2019
13Russian Health Care Week - Expo, Conference, B2BMoscow, RussiaDecember 2019

Also, it is distributed by other sponsors and advertisers using the magazine as marketing collateral at different fairs and promotions around the world.


Increase your exposure among health tourism customers, buyers, and governments.